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About Tel-Management

Honest & Efficient Work

Founded in 1995, Tel-Management is dedicated to assisting clients with innovative solutions to a broad range of telecommunication services. Our years in the Telecom business and vast experience speak for itself. Our commitment and dedication to our customers has always been to deliver the most advanced technology and customized solution that will meet their every need. We don’t “sell” anything, instead we represent most of the major telecommunication carriers in the US, this allows us to offer services best suited for our clients. Our business model allows us not to have blinders on when it comes to recommending a solution; we are truly unbiased therefore it allows us to present the best customized solution. After our analysis and recommendation, we manage the implementation and installation of the selected services. We continue to manage our customers voice and data needs for as long as they are receiving services from any of our carriers, one phone call to us for Trouble reporting, Billing issues, Moves Adds and Changes, etc. There is Never a Cost for our carrier managed services to our customers from us at Tel-Management. Our customers are billed directly by the Carrier.

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What differentiates Tel-Management only begins with personalized service to our customers telecom technology needs.  What keeps us differentiated over the long term, is our people. This human dimension extends to these three key elements:

• EXPERIENCE:  In business for over twenty years in serving our many clients, we have seen nearly every wrinkle possible. Because our involvement extends to the smallest of details, our understanding of your system and the business needs that underline its design is second to none.

  • EXPERTISE:  From our initial Analysis to Solution Design, Account Management, and Procurement, our team is comprised of people who are experts in our field. We are committed to advancing our knowledge that will in turn benefit our customers.

• SERVICE:  At Tel-Management, we truly value our customer relationships. We listen, question, and understand before all else. We understand and acknowledge the potential risks that come with system changes. We have built a process to mitigate risks from the very beginning.

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